How I become familiar with Bio-Comfort, the natural organic facial oil?
I would like to share with you this amazing story and as I always say, every thing in our lives has a cause. I've never used facial cream or other facial skin treatment, now I find myself using this wonderfull oil day by day, recommend it warmally and distibuting it with a strong belif and love knowing that the oil really helps and improves the face skin.

An old acquaintance asked me, say Dina, you have owned and managed kindergartens in Hod Hasharon for 27 years. You worked for years as a community worker and a teacher at the Amal school, how did you get to distribute the oil in Bio-Comfort? I told her that it was by chance, but my romance with the oil is very interesting/

We were in Romania, as usual, in the charming village of Moiecu. I visited my friend Rodica...

8 Oils Composition

Bio-Comfort Oil is a unique compose of 8 natural organic pure oils:

1. Macadamia nut oil
2. Kukui nut oil
3. Borage seed oil
4. Chia seed oil
5. Babassu seed oil
6. Lesqueralla seed oil
7. Rosehip seed oil
8. Calophyllum Tacamahaca seed oil

The Oil Features
Bio-Comfort Oil contains vitamins that benefits the skin and contribute to it's elasticity.

The Oil contains vitamins A,C,E and F, Omega 3, 6 and 9, unsaturated fatty acids required for the face skin and cells. The Oil is absorbed easily leaving the skin silky without an oily sensation. The oil is rich in antioxidants, iron, calcium and magnesium. The oil contains flamithelial acid, which contributes to skin elasticity.

Benefits of the Oil
All that is needed for the skin is in a single natural,
organic Oil bottle.

Replaces the need for all synthetic creams! No need for moisturizer, nourishing cream, eye lotion or serum! It is also economical.
All in a single bottle.

It contains a mixture of 8 clear and pure oils, not diluted.
Exactly as extracted from the seeds and nuts...
Why the Bio-Comfort oil?


"I'm using Bio-Comfort oil for about a month and a half,
I'm not beautiful, but after I use the oil I feel myself glowing"



"I use the facial oil to refresh my face. The Oil gave life to my skin, everyone compliments me the face looks great! I usually used Botox and now I have canceled the Botox treatment because the oil treatment did the trick!!!"

Facial Natural Organic Oil for facial skin care, lessening of wrinkles, 
dry skin treatment and skin nourishing​
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