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Bio-Comfort Oil, an organic facial oil, is not just another face cream or moisturizer. It’s a facial oil which does miracles for your face. It helps with skin problems, such as dry skin, wrinkles around the eyes and face, aging skin, while maintaining the skin's natural glow.

Bio-Comfort Oil is the result of years of research, and is composed of 8 pure, natural oils. These oils are extracted from exotic nuts and seeds, which are derived from various regions: the Mediterranean, South America, Hawaii, South East Asia, and Africa.

Each of these ingredients has a long history in its respective region for the treatment of skin conditions.

About 70% of our body is water. Our skin contains a mechanism that controls the moisture of the skin. When we are young, the mechanism functions fully and the skin's appearance is perfect. When aging, the mechanism weakens, the skin dries out and wrinkles begin to appear. The Bio-Comfort Oil treats exactly with this problem. One of the oils in the compositions is the Borage oil. This oil restores and strengthens the weakened moisture mechanism. 

The Oil smooths small wrinkles, rejuvenates the skin, treats dry skin, feeds and strengthens the Collagen, required by the skin.

Special attention was paid in ensuring that these 8 oils, when combined, have complementary effects.

Some of the oils, in the composed Bio-Comfort Oil, are known for protecting, storing, and strengthening the natural moisture of the skin, while others are known for fighting skin damage, wrinkles, and age spots.

It is widely recognized that the loss of moisture in one's facial skin is the leading cause of facial aging and the appearance of wrinkles or age spots.

Whereas other face creams on the market attempt to restore hydration through the application of synthetic cream to the skin, 
Bio-Comfort Oil deals with the root of the problem rather than just with the symptoms, by using a composition of 8 oils that penetrate deep into the skin – moisturizing your face fully and naturally.

Bio-Comfort Oil is composed of 8 natural organic pure oils:

1. Macadamia nut oil
2. Kukui nut oil
3. Borage seed oil
4. Chia seed oil
5. Babassu seed oil
6. Lesqueralla seed oil
7. Rosehip seed oil
8. Calophyllum Tacamahaca seed oil
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