I would like to share with you this amazing story and as I always say, every thing in our lives has a cause. I've never used facial cream or other facial skin treatment, now I find myself using this wonderfull oil day by day, recommend it warmally and distibuting it with a strong belif and love knowing that the oil really helps and improves the face skin.

An old acquaintance asked me, say Dina, you have owned and managed kindergartens in Hod Hasharon for 27 years. You worked for years as a community worker and a teacher at the Amal school, how did you get to distribute the oil in Bio-Comfort? I told her that it was by chance, but my romance with the oil is very interesting.

We were in Romania, as usual, in the charming village of Moiecu. I visited my friend Rodica.
 She asked me to come in for a cup of coffee in the morning to meet her friend, who had been living in Germany for 20 years.
I came to Rodica and met Nadia, a charming and impressive woman, an oncology doctor in a hospital in Munich, I think.
We sat on a cup of coffee and talked, and suddenly Nadia took out a bottle of oil and began to smear her face. I did not pay much attention to it, but suddenly she asked: "you are from Israel, right?"
Yes, I answered, so?

This oil is from Israel, she gave me the oil and I saw that it was actually made in Jerusalem.
She said that she has been using this oil for more than two years and she is so happy with it. She and many of her friends at the hospital, are buying it in Germany for two years and she very much recommends it. She looked at the skin of my face that was not taken care of, and said, "You should use this oil, Dina, it will help you".
The next day, on the eve of Passover 2015, we returned to Israel. The first thing I looked for was the manufacturer of the oil and I called him

He sent me the oil. I started to use it, and after about two-three weeks,  I've seen a change for the better. I was so enthusiastic that I wrote a post on Romanian roots on facebook, about my acquaintance with the oil from Israel, in Romania, and recommended by a German doctor.
I got lots of calls from women who also wanted the oil. So I organized a group, turned to the manufacturer and bought the oil together.
What is important is that he saw how much I enjoyed and was enthusiastic about the oil and suggested that I'll sell and distribute it.

At that time I retired, and being personally so pleased with the oil and seeing how it had improved my facial skin,
I willingly agreed to his offer. I would not accept the distribution of a product I do not believe in wholeheartedly!
My credibility and reputation were always my guiding light.

And the rest is history.
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